Get To Know Us

Get to Know Us…   Let Us Get to Know You…

Our Welcome – We are a Church family with a rich heritage as a place where the Bible is taught with authority and passion, where God’s people worship, grow, and serve, and where kids, teens, and adults of all ages are strengthened in their faith and encouraged in their ministries.

Our Mission at Heights is the same as the New Testament Church –  worship, discipleship, fellowship, care, and evangelism.

Our Vision is to extend ourselves for Christ in our personal growth in becoming like Christ and by faith sharing the Good News with others.  We see H.H.B.C. growing in outreach through our personal and corporate ministries.

Our Theme for 2018 is LIFTING JESUS HIGHER. Speaking of his coming crucifixion, Jesus told His disciples that when He was lifted up, He would draw all men to Him. Jesus was lifted up for our sins. Now we who believe have the privilege of lifting up Jesus for His glory. We do that through our worship and Church life, as well as through our daily living. Our great desire for this year and always, until He comes again, is that Jesus would be high and lifted up!

Our Goal is to live as God’s people in the midst of a troubled world around us, and to shine as lights of His goodness and speak as Ambassadors of His saving work to all who would see and hear.

Our Reality – God has given our members a love for people, a talent in music, a gift for teaching, and a servant’s heart as many minister in some capacity throughout the church.

We would like to meet you. If you do not presently have a Church home where you are happy and busy about the Father’s business, please pay us a visit!