Doctrinal View


  • Bible is fully inspired and without error in the original writings
  • One triune God revealed in three persons as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
  • Virgin birth of Jesus
  • Jesus Christ died as our substitute, paying our debt for sin
  • Jesus physically rose from the dead
  • Satan is a fallen angel and is at work today
  • Creation took place in six literal days
  • Man is a fallen sinful creature
  • Man is made right with God – justified – by faith alone
  • True salvation is eternally secure
  • The Church is Christ’s body for this age
  • Water baptism by immersion and the Lord’s Table are Church ordinances
  • The return of Jesus Christ is imminent
  • The unrighteous will face eternal judgment
  • Marriage is between one man and one woman
  • All human life is sacred

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